Important Notes:
1. Starting with extension version 1.2.15 we have adopted a license key for all our extensions. Your extension will only work if you have a validated license key entered for the location where your extension is installed. Refer to here for more details on how license keys work.
2. In our opinion AbanteCart v 1.2.14 is extremely problematic and requires a large number of patch files to work correctly. Our recommendation is to upgrade v 1.2.14 to AbanteCart v 1.2.15.
This extension v 1.2.15 is tested to work with AbanteCart v 1.2.15. It may work with AbanteCart v 1.2.14 if all the patch files have been updated but we don't recommend you using AbanteCart v 1.2.14.

AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.0 – 1.2.15 use Australia Post Integration v

Australia Post Integration: an enhanced Australia Post extension that supports all rates, including Dimensional Weight, Billable Weight, and Oversize Package Surcharges.

Plus these added features:
1. Additional Weight field to easily add standard packaging weight, rather than having to do it on each item.
2. Additional Fee field to add upcharge - can be fixed dollar amount or percentage of shipping rate.
3. If enabling Ship Product Individually but without having fixed price rates are calculated separately for that item based on weight or dimensions. If item is ordered with other items is it correctly added to total shipping fees, but not included in calculation of other items.
4. Works well with the default free shipping, default per item shipping, default flat rate shipping.
5. Allows the use of extra cost of a shipment, including ability to set a Extra Cost Value.
6. Has Signature Option feature for services not where they are optional. Also allows you to set a minimum cart total before the option is used.
7. Signature Option for customers to select. Also allows you to set a minimum cart total before the option is used.
8. International Confirmation Delivery option.
9. Ability to select Zip/Postal code(s) to offer local delivery service only. Local delivery service may be offered as free service or with a flat charge. Admin can show additional message in the checkout cart page to inform the customers about the local delivery service. Admin may choose to show just the local delivery service or all the shipping services offered for the selected Zip/Postal code(s).

Important Notes:

  • Weight and length class must be set correctly within the System > Settings > Details page.     In Metric locations use: Kilogram in Weight Class fields and Centimeter in Length Class.
  • Extension version updates do not require settings re-do.
  • Using AbanteCart prior to v1.2.2: If you Edit Order Details as Admin within Sales > Orders the ReCalculation of a changed order is not supported. You need to change the shipping rate manually. If using AbanteCart v1.2.2 or later, it will update upon ReCalculation.
  • Check Changelog for upgrading notes.
  • Due to Australia Post prepaid satchels service code changes and if you are using the prepaid satchels. You need to turn ON the new satchel services. Refer to changelog for the service code changes.
  • Setup
    1. This is the manual link.
    2. This is extension quick note.
    3. Turn ON to use the extension.
    4. Enter you license code. Refer to How to obtain license code section for more information.
    5. Select your desired Australia Post icon that will be displayed to customer during checkout.
    6. Turn ON if you want to set this extension as the default shipping one.
    7. Select payment methods that will be only available for this extension.
    8. Run Order: If you are using multiple of our extensions, refer to our F.A.Q for How to set extensions sort/run order if you are using multiple extensions. You can leave it blank if you are only using our Australia Post Integration individually.
    Additional Setup
    1. Quick How-to.
    2. Extension Manual URL Link Button.
    3. Access Key: Insert your Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator Key here.
        Follow the steps here to obtain Australia Post key.

    4. Zip Code: Insert your Store ZIP Code here.

    5. Test Your Connection: You can test if API credentials that you've entered are correct after you saved the credentials.

    6. Domestic Services: Select your desired Domestic Australia Post Shipping Services.

    Notes for number 7-9: If you are offering Local Delivery Services AND using more than one shipper you must enable Local Delivery Services on only ONE shipper. e.g. you offer FedEx, UPS and AusPost, and also Local Delivery – you must enable Local Delivery on only ONE shipper: FedEx, UPS or AusPost.

    7. Enter Zip/Postal Code(s) eligible to use Local Delivery Service: Use commas(,) without space as the multi Zip/Postal code(s) separator. To define areas use asterisk (*) replacement - eg 60*.

    8. Local delivery fee: Enter the local delivery fee if you want to charge customer or leave blank if it is a free delivery.

    9. Turn ON to show ONLY Local Delivery Services: Turn OFF if you want to show all shipping options including Local Delivery services.

    10. Insert your desired text to be shown on cart page to let customers know about local delivery schedule or services: Insert your desired message.

    11. If using a Free Shipping option within your cart select which service you are using for the Free Shipping: Select your desired Domestic Australia Post Shipping Services for the free shipping.

    12. International Services: Select your desired International Australia Post Shipping Service if you are shipping worldwide.

    13. If using a Free Shipping option within your cart select which service you are using for the Free International Shipping: Select your desired International Australia Post Shipping Services for the free shipping.

    14. Display Weight: Do you want to display the shipping weight? (e.g. (Weight : 0.11kg) )

    Please refer to Size and weight guidelines.
    Notes for number 15-17: We set a Default of 5 x 5 x 5 which works for most businesses. Number 16-18: We set a Default 130 x 240 x 5. You can input your normal size if different.
    Also, input on a product page will be used for that individual product rate look up. (You need to input individual product size and turn on the Ship Product Individually flag on product page.)

    15. Dimensions Length (Optional): Insert your Box Length here.

    16. Dimensions Width (Optional): Insert your Box Width here.

    17. Dimensions Height (Optional): Insert your Box Height here.

    18. Letter Length (Optional): Insert your Letter Length here.

    19. Letter Width (Optional): Insert your Letter Width here.

    20. Letter Thickness (Optional): Insert your Letter Thickness here.

    21. Max Box Weight (Optional): Specifies the maximum box size. Once the maximum weight is met, the system will calculate shipping for 2(or more) boxes.

    22. Max Letter Weight (Optional): Select the maximum letter weight (Australia Post max weight is 22kg). Once the maximum weight is met, the system will calculate shipping for 2(or more) letters. If letters weight exceed 500g, it will automatically convert letter into parcel.

    23. Tax Class: Choose your Tax Class.

    24. Location: Choose your Zone.

    25. Additional Fee Type: Choose the type that you want to use for the additional Fee. Fixed amount or Rate Percentage based.

    26. Additional Fee: Insert your desired Additional Fee value that you want to charge to your customer.
          e.g. The rate is $5.00, your fixed additional fee is $3.00, the rate shown to customer is $8. Or if you're using the percentage instead of fixed rate, and it is 10% from the rate, the rate will be $5.5. To use either fixed or percentage based additional fee, just enter the digits without the % or currency symbol.

    27. Additional Weight: Insert your desired additional weight that you want to charge to your customer.
          e.g. The weight is 0.26 kg and your additional weight is 0.50 kg, the weight rate will be 0.76 kg. And if showing shipping wt. in cart 0.26 kg is shown to customer.

    Notes for number 28 & 29: Choose only one to be ON. Storefront Signature On Delivery (for customer's selection) OR Signature on Delivery ( for Admin only). Both can be OFF.

    Notes for Signature On Delivery: If you turn ON Extra Cover and customer purchase over $500. The extension will automatically include the Signature On Delivery Option. Please refer to here for more info.

    28. Storefront Signature On Delivery: Turn ON if you want to let customer choose Signature On Delivery Option Service.

    29. Signature On Delivery: Turn ON if you want to use Signature On Delivery Option Service.

    30. Signature On Delivery Threshold: Insert your desired cart minimal total for the Signature On Delivery Option inclusion threshold. If the cart total is bigger than the threshold then the Signature Option will be added. This is for admin side only.

    31. Storefront Signature On Delivery text: Insert your desired text that will displayed in the shipping page for customer Signature On Delivery option.

    32. Storefront Signature On Delivery included text: Insert your desired text that will displayed to let customer that the Signature On Delivery option is included.

    Notes for number 33: If you turn ON Extra Cover and customer purchase over $500. The extension will automatically include the Signature On Delivery Option. Please refer to here for more info.
    33. Extra Cover: Turn ON to use Extra Cover. (Extra Cover provides cover for loss, damage or theft of your item and will fully compensate you to the value specified for your item).

    34. Extra Cover Nominal: Insert your desired cart minimal total as the Extra Cost value threshold. If the cart total is bigger than the threshold then the cart total will be used as the extra cover.

       Finally Click the Save button and Turn On the extension.

    Product Setup for AusPost Letter Service 1. Turn ON Ship Product Individually if you want to ship separately and leave the use letter service turned OFF.

    2. Turn ON use AusPost letter service if you want ship the product by using AusPost letter service. The letter rates are only shown if all products within the cart was using letter service. If there is another product was not using the letter service, then it will automatically use the parcel instead of letter service.

    3. If You turn ON both Ship Product Individually and use AusPost letter service, it will set the product to use individual letter.

    4. If there is both individual parcel and individual letter within the cart, the individual letter will be converted into individual parcel. The rates are totalled and shown to customer.
    HOW RATES ARE COMBINED IN MULTIPLE PRODUCT ORDERS Customers often order more than one item – and items may have different shipping rules, one item maybe set for Letter service and another item in the same order maybe set for individual shipping due to size and another one a regular parcel. The shipping options shown to the customer cannot display all of the individual selections as the customer will usually opt for the lowest cost, not understanding that there are actually three different shipping conditions in our example. We refer to these orders as Combination Orders or Combos.

    Letter Services have a maximum weight, dimensions and thickness; Small Letter, Large Letter and International which is the same as Large.

    Parcel Services have a maximum weight, length and girth or cubic meters; Parcel service is Domestic or International.

    Basically the smaller unit is rolled up to the next service in combos, or to Parcel if the weight exceeds Letter Service parameters.

    If Letter Service is set to Ship Individually and is part of a Combo order the weight is added to the other items and Parcel rates are displayed.

    If there is a parcel set to Ship Individually the rate is calculated on the dimensions and weight on the Product Page and that rate is added into the other calculated rates of the rest of the order.

    The below chart will help you see how the Combos are handled for the shipping cost shown to your customer at checkout.

    Small Letter, quantity of the item more than 1 Displays Large Letter rate OR Parcel if weight exceeds limits
    2 Small Letter items Displays Large Letter rate OR Parcel if weight exceeds limits
    Small Letter and Large Letter Displays Large Letter rate OR Parcel if weight exceeds limits
    Small Letter or Large Letter and Parcel Weight of small letter is added to other items; Parcel rates are displayed


    2020 - 05 - 13

    bug-fix 1. Fix missing shipping icon when customer check the use Signature On Delivery option.
    2. Fix incorrect rate calculation when customer purchase digital products and required shippiping products.
    3. Fix unable to calculate rates when admin add or remove product from existing order where Signature On Delivery Option is used.

    changes International Signature On Delivery cost was changed from $4.99 is $5.5. At the moment the cost was hardcoded due to the limitation of Internatinal Shipping API doesn't allow both Extra Cover and Signature On Delivery to be passed at the same time


    2019 - 10 - 10

    bug-fix 1. Fix "warning: AbanteCart core v.1.2.15 include_once(extensions/auspost_calculator/core/lib/cart.php)".
    2. Fix "Could load model extension/sub_total from extensions/auspost_integration/core/lib/cart.php on line 1235".
    3. Fix "Missing argument 2 for PhpUnitsOfMeasure\AbstractPhysicalQuantity::__construct() called in /storefront/model/extension/auspost_integration.php on line 1655".

    changes There are 8 service code changes:


    2019 - 09 - 03

    Initial release for AbanteCart version 1.2.15


    2018 - 11 - 07

    bug-fix Notes: This is only available in AbanteCart v 1.2.2+
    Fix shipping cost not being calculated correctly if admin add products to existing order via the admin sale order page.


    2018 - 09 - 10

    changes Change update.sql to update.php in order to avoid upgrade issue.


    2018 - 08 - 22

    bug-fix Fixed not recalculating shipping rate when customer go back to checkout/shipping or checkout/guest_step_2 page while they have check the Signature On Delivery option rate.

    Support Php v5.3-7.2.
    Support AbanteCart v 1.2.13.


    2017 - 12 - 05

    feature Separate Local Delivery into a new block for selection.

    Support AbanteCart v 1.2.12


    2017 - 10 - 31

    feature 1. Added ability to select Zip/Postal code(s) to offer local delivery service only. Admins now able to use both complete and partial Postal/Zip Code(s) by adding an asterisk(*) behind the code or one of them. It is useful if admins want to define an area instead of fill in the codes one by one. e.g. 30*,6000.
    2. Added domestic prepaid satchel services:
        a. Parcel Post Small Satchel.
        b. Express Post Small Satchel.
        c. Regular Parcel Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel.
        d. Express Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel.
        e. Regular Parcel Post Large (5Kg) Satchel.
        f. Express Post Large (5Kg) Satchel.

    Support AbanteCart v 1.2.11


    2017 - 02 - 15

    bug-fix 1.  Fixed the wrong individual shipping with extra cover multiplication.
    2.  Fix the wrong max letter calculation.
    3.  Fix wrong extra cover flag for individual shipping product.

    Support AbanteCart v 1.2.9 - v 1.2.10


    2016 - 09 - 08

    feature 1. Product Page: Added option to send particular product by using letter service.
    2. Added domestic letter services:
        a. Regular Large Envelope Service Maximum 125g.
        b. Priority Large Envelope Service Maximum 125g.
        c. Regular Large Envelope Service Maximum 250g.
        d. Priority Large Envelope Service Maximum 250g.
        e. Regular Large Envelope Service Maximum 500g.
        f. Priority Large Envelope Service Maximum 500g.
        g. Regular Small Envelope Service.
        h. Priority Small Envelope Service.
        i. Priority Large Envelope Service.
        j. Express Post Large Envelope.
    3. Added international letter service:
        a. Economy Air Large Letter.

    bug-fix 1. Fix - Domestic letter dimension issue.
    2. Fix - Wrong available services if signature option is used.
    3. Fix - Missing international Express letter service.


    2016 - 08 - 16

    bug-fix Fix - Restore missing cacert.pem file.

    Support AbanteCart v 1.2.8


    2016 - 05 - 19

    update 1. Using new API endpoint.
    2. Old services are changed to new service. Please refer here to the changes: API Changes
    3. International confirm delivery are deprecated. Now it's using Signature Option.


    2016 - 03 - 21

    feature Implement the test connection and credential in admin additional setting page.


    2016 - 02 - 18

    bug-fix Fix - Order recalc via admin panel.


    2016 - 01 - 11

    bug-fix Align the shipping options in cart detail page.


    2015 - 11 - 28

    Initial Release.