Important Notes:
1. Starting with extension version 1.2.15 we have adopted a license key for all our extensions. Your extension will only work if you have a validated license key entered for the location where your extension is installed. Refer to here for more details on how license keys work.
2. In our opinion AbanteCart v 1.2.14 is extremely problematic and requires a large number of patch files to work correctly. Our recommendation is to upgrade v 1.2.14 to AbanteCart v 1.2.15.
This extension v 1.2.15 is tested to work with AbanteCart v 1.2.15. It may work with AbanteCart v 1.2.14 if all the patch files have been updated but we don't recommend you using AbanteCart v 1.2.14.

AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.15 use Enhanced Editor v

This extension replaces the default editor with additional features such as Text Alignment, Font Color, Spell Check As You Type, and many more.

An editor toolbar has been added to the product blurb field. NOTE: Blurb editor is only found on the General Edit page, not on the Quick View page.

Also included is an image manager to easily manage the images that you want to use in the description. Easy uploads and organization by folder.


1. This is the manual link.
2. This is extension quick note.
3. Turn ON to use the enhanced editor.
4. Enter you license code. Refer to How to obtain license code section for more information.
Open up Image Manager

1. Click the image button.

1. Click on the search folder button. And the image manager will show up.
2. Select responsive if you want the image to be responsive in mobile/smaller screen.
Using Image Manager 1. Create New Folder

2. Upload Images

3. Delete Files

#f9ac26 #2073bd


2020 - 04 - 20

changes 1. Increase maximum upload image sized from 0.25mb to 2.5mb.
2. Add fullscreen feature.

bug-fix 1. Fix "warning: AbanteCart core v.1.2.15 Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/extensions/editor/core/editor_hook.php on line 385".
2. Fix missing spellchecker option.


2020 - 04 - 13

bug-fix Fix incorrect update.sql statement.


2019 - 11 - 10

changes Default storefront template files that may cause issue when using non-default template are removed.


2019 - 07 - 08

bug-fix Fix missing font size.


2019 - 06 - 26

Initial release for AbanteCart version 1.2.15