Important Notes:
Starting with extension version 1.2.15 we have adopted a license key for all our extensions. Your extension will only work if you have a validated license key entered for the location where your extension is installed. Refer to here for more details on how license keys work.

AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.15 use liquids calculator v 1.2.15.

This extension allows liquid fluid measurement to be used to order products that need special calculation such as oils, vinegars, essential oils, etc. It allows multiple unit inputs such as fluid ounce/pint, quart, gallon, milliliter/liter, etc. and handles decimal input also.

Important Notes:
1. Main product quantity become inactive when you add options with track-able values.
2. You need to check the weight classes in Admin panel under System > Localization > liquids Classes for inclusion of US Cup(cup), Fluid Ounce (floz), Pint (pint), Gallon (gal), Quart(qt), Tablespoon (tbsp), Teaspoon(tsp), Liter(l) and Millilter(ml) in order to use multiple unit type conversion selection displayed. Please refer to our F.A.Q for additional weight classes added by extension.
3. Please refer to our F.A.Q for How to set product dimension for our shippers extension.
4. The extension doesn't work with default shippers due to the custom weight calculation that was made, so you have to use our shippers in order to have the correct weight calculated. Contact us if you are using a different shipping method than any of our shipping extension and need further guidance.
5. When you are using our multiple option calculators, make sure that you turn OFF the extension that you didn't use.

1. This is the manual link.
2. This is extension quick note.
3. Turn ON to use the extension.
4. Enter you license code. Refer to How to obtain license code section for more information.
5. Run Order: If you are using multiple of our extensions, refer to our F.A.Q for How to set extensions sort/run order if you are using multiple extensions. You can leave it blank if you are only using our Liquids Calculator individually.

General Product Page

Two additional fields are added to the Product Summary /General Tab when you have activated the calculation option.
1. Define unit text - The text will be shown as price/sqft, price/lb etc.
Note: You should use weight input for the same unit of selling - e.g. if selling per pint use the weight for a ft.
2. Show Multiple Unit Type - Allows your customer to choose the unit type they are familiar with metric or non-metric. The extension will convert to the option settings for pricing.
liquids Calculator
This is a single-dimension calculation using liquids only.

1. Enter input limit message to notify them that they need enter the value between minimum and maximum limit. Default message is "Please enter between:"
2. Enter minimum error limit to let customer know that they need to enter bigger value than the minimum limit value. Default message is: "Please enter minimum:"
    Enter minimum error limit to let customer know that they need to enter smaller value than the maximum limit value. Default message is: "The maximum cannot exceed:"
3. Enter minimum liquids volume.
4. Enter maximum liquids volume.
5. Select Maximum Basis:
    A. Actual Qty: Select this if you want the extension automatically reduce the maximum limit each time after customer enter the liquids.
    B. Fixed Limit: Select this if you don't want the maximum limit get reduced each time after customer select the liquids.
6. Choose different unit to let customer use big and small unit as the input. e.g. set liter as input unit and milliliter as output unit (You have to create the weight class first).
7. Enter the decimal number to be used as rounding (If you leave this field empty, the extension use 3 decimal number as the default decimal number).
Notes for number 8: if you are using selectbox, we suggest you use option placeholder so the first option won't be calculated.
8. Select options that will be calculated along with the liquids volume. You need to create other product options first in order to be shown for selection.

Global Attribute
Global Attribute - the extension adds the new element type Liquids for your use.


2019 - 08 - 28

Initial Release.