Important Notes:
1. Starting with extension version 1.2.15 we have adopted a license key for all our extensions. Your extension will only work if you have a validated license key entered for the location where your extension is installed. Refer to here for more details on how license keys work.
2. In our opinion AbanteCart v 1.2.14 is extremely problematic and requires a large number of patch files to work correctly. Our recommendation is to upgrade v 1.2.14 to AbanteCart v 1.2.15.
This extension v 1.2.15 is tested to work with AbanteCart v 1.2.15. It may work with AbanteCart v 1.2.14 if all the patch files have been updated but we don't recommend you using AbanteCart v 1.2.14.

AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.15 use MailChimp Integration Plus v1.2.15

AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.0-1.2.13 use MailChimp Integration Plus v1.2.0

MailChimp Integration Plus Extension for Abantecart – enables you to have two way sync between your MailChimp List and your Cart Newsletter List and send the customer order information to MailChimp. Open this link to know more about MailChimp ECommerce and how to use it.

1.  Export existing newsletter list to MailChimp List
2.  Keep synchronized between MailChimp List and Cart newsletter list.
     Example Scenarios:
     - If customer unsubscribes via email instead via cart user panel.
     - Customer re-subscribes via email instead via cart signup form.
     - You're using MailChimp generated form as the signup form.
3. Add AbanteCart ECommerce data to MailChimp ECommerce to get sales and revenue reports.
4. Total orders and revenue that was made via MailChimp Campaign will be shown in the dashboard and in the Campaign Report. You need to turn ON E-commerce link tracking to have this feature enabled. Click here to know how to enable E-Commerce link tracking.
5. Abandoned cart automation messaging makes it easy to reconnect with customers who navigate away from their shopping carts, recapture sales, and generate more revenue.
6. Campaign ID are automatically saved for registered customer.When customer click on the campaign,abandon the cart then finish the order,the information will sent to MailChimp.

Important Note: This extension currently doesn't support MailChimp GDPR. We believe EU data regulation is better handled for the entire cart. Check out GDPR Europe (EU) for a solution from AbanteCart Devs
1. This is the manual link.
2. This is extension quick note
3. Turn ON to use the extension.
4. Enter you license code. Refer to How to obtain license code section for more information.
5. You need a MailChimp account to use this extension.
     A.  If you don't have an account register new account on MailChimp.
     B. After you logged into your MailChimp account click on Account name -> Account Settings ->Extras->API Keys
        Click "Create A Key" button and copy "API Key" column of your key and paste to My MailChimp API Key field.
6. Choose the desired Contact List name you want subscribers added to.
     At MailChimp Dashboard click Lists->Create List if you don't have one.
7. Input your unique MailChimp ECommerce Store ID.
8. Add customer or guest to MailChimp list. Turn ON if you want to automatically add customer or guest to MailChimp list.
1. There are two different contact forms that can be used. You must use only one at a time. Use a form that is designed within your MailChimp account -- see No. 9 for details. OR use an extension generated form following the instructions in No. 10 & 11 fields. You can change your choice at any time.
2. No 9: If you turned ON the use GDPR field, please replace/remove the word "from" from the Embedded Form Code as it might cause a 500 Internal Server Error if your hosting is using modsecurity due to prevent SQL injection. We recommend you to change the text via MailChimp Form Builder as it ease you to edit the text.

9. Fill this field with the form code which was obtained from MailChimp Embedded Sign up Form tools.

If using this form - skip No 9 and 11

10. Choose Yes if you want customer to fill their First Name.
11. Choose Yes if you want customer to fill their Last Name.

12. Enter the desired days that will be used to delete unfinished order by customer.
13. You can leave it blank if you don't want to set the extension run order.
 Finally Click the Save button and Turn On the extension.
   After you turn on the extension, you will find the additional settings on the setup page:

Sync MailChimp list to Newsletter list

It will automatically update your site customer list with their newsletter status upon someone subscribes via your signup form outside of site or someone unsubscribes.
So your site will always be synced with MailChimp List
Export Products to MailChimp ECommerce Products
Click this button to export your products list to MailChimp ECommerce Products.
This is required in order to use MailChimp ECommerce.
Notes: You need to re-export the products if you're using different MailChimp ECommerce Store ID.
Enable E-commerce Tracking
You need to turn this ON if you want to track orders that was placed via your campaign and see the total orders and revenue from your MailChimp dashboard.
Export Newsletter list to MailChimp list
Click this button to export subscribed customers list to MailChimp List.
This is usually only needed if you have not had MailChimp signup form on your cart webpages previously. There is a duplication check made preventing an email being added if already in the MailChimp list
Note: The export is batch and NO welcome email will be sent.
Import MailChimp list to cart newsletter list
Click this button to import MailChimp List to cart newsletter list.
This is only needed if you are using MailChimp service before using Abantecart script and you want to import existing MailChimp list to cart newsletter list.
Edit Top And Bottom block content for signup form that comes with extension
You can add additional information above and/or below your signup form display area using the Content tab. This uses the standard block editor, one for each section; top content and bottom content.
1. You must add space to the end of the content as this extension doesn't add html <br> automatically.
2. In case you previously inserted content above or below your signup form and you want to delete the content, make sure that the content is remove completely. You can click on the source button and remove completely.

Select the top content or bottom content, then click on the text Click Here to edit.., that will show the standard editor. Add the content that you wish to display and click SAVE to finish.
Storefront Display MailChimp Signup Form If you're using MailChimp Signup Form you will see:
MailChimp Extension Signup Form And if you're using MailChimp extension Signup Form you will see:
Change text Go to Language Definitions under System->Localization to change the wording according to your desired text.


2019 - 06 - 24

Initial release for AbanteCart version 1.2.15


2018 - 11 - 24

Initial Release.