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FedEx Integration: an enhanced FedEx extension that supports all rates, including Dimensional Weight and Oversize Package Surcharges.

Plus these added features:

1. Additional Weight field to easily add standard packaging weight, rather than having to do it on each item.
2. Additional Fee field to add upcharge - can be fixed dollar amount or percentage of shipping rate.
3. If enabling Ship Product Individually but without having fixed price rates are calculated separately for that item based on weight or dimensions. If item is ordered with other items is it correctly added to total shipping fees, but not included in calculation of other items.
4. Works well with the default free shipping, default per item shipping, default flat rate shipping.
5. Uses FedEx address verification system to determine residential or commercial rate lookup on the checkout out page.
6. Allows the use of declared value of a shipment, including ability to set a Declared Nominal Value.

More features when using our Special Shipping Image extension:

Add custom images to describe the free shipping, downloadable and individual shipping product, and you are able to display custom message too for customer on Checkout page, Delivery Information page, Shopping Cart page, Checkout Confirmation page, Order Invoice history, and on Order Confirmation Email.

For more info about FedEx service guide, you can download the pdf file here

This extension works with AbanteCart v1.2.0 - v1.2.4.

Important Note: Weight and length class should be set correctly within the System > Settings > Details page.
                             In Metric locations use: Kilogram in Weight Class fields and Centimeter in Length Class.
                             In US or other non-metric locations use: Pound in Weight Class and Inch in Length Class.


To obtain your Meter Number and Authorization Key, you will need to follow these steps:
Go to
Login in with FedEx username and password or click Register Now if you don't have one.
Click on "FedEx Web Services”
Click on "Move To Production"
Scroll down to button and click "Get Production Key".
On Question 1 choose "No" on Do you intend to resell your software?
On Question 2 check the first box “FedEx Web Services for Shipping“
On Question 3 Choose "Corporate Developer"
Click “Continue” button
Accept agreement.
Fill out the form (do not use dashes in the account number).
Receive meter number and key instantly. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the sensitivity of this information, the production authentication key is not provided in the confirmation email. Please retain this information for your records. Your Production Password will be emailed to you once you complete the above steps.
This extension uses FedEx Address Validation to determine if customer address was Business or Residential address and fetch rate based on that. You need to call FedEx to have your address validation turned on.

1. Test Mode: Use this module in Test (YES) or Production mode (NO).

2. Testing/Production Key: Insert your FedEx Testing/Production Key here.

3. Testing/Production Password: Insert your FedEx Testing/Production Password here.

4. Testing/Production Account Number: Insert the FedEx Account Number here.

5. Testing/Production Meter Number: Insert the FedEx Account Number here.

6. Select DropOff Type: Select your desired International FedEx Shipping Service if you are selling worldwide.
    -Regular Pickup - The shipper already has an every-day pickup scheduled with a courier.
    -Request Courier - The shipper will call FedEx to ask for a courier.
    -Drop Box - The shipper will drop the package in a FedEx drop box.
    -Business Service Center - The shipper will drop off the package at an authorized FedEx business service center.
    -Station - The shipper will drop off the package at a FedEx Station.

7. Packaging Type: Select your packaging type.

8. Use Residential Rate As Default: Turn On if you want to use Residential Rate as the default instead of Commercial Rate on the view cart page.

9. Origin City: Enter the name of the origin city.
    e.g. Montevallo

10. Origin Zip/Postal Code: Enter your origin zip/postal code.

Notes for number 12 and number 14: If you are using more than ONE shipper and are offering any Free Shipping service, you must choose only ONE shipper for the Free Shipping. e.g. if using UPS , USPS and FedEx, Free Shipping can only be offered from one.

11. Domestic Services: Select your desired Domestic FedEx Shipping Services.

12. If using a Free Shipping option within your cart select which service you are using for the Free United States Shipping (If your location is in USA): Select the FedEx Services to be offered for free shipping.

13. International Services: Select your desired International FedEx Shipping Service if you are selling worldwide.

14. If using a Free Shipping option within your cart select which service you are using for the Free International Shipping: Select your desired International FedEx Shipping Services for the free shipping.

15. Display Weight: Do you want to display the shipping weight? (e.g. (Weight : 0.15lb) )

Notes for number 16-18: Default is 5 x 5 x 5 which works for most business, You can input your normal size if different.
Also, input on a product page will be used for that individual product rate look up. (You need to input individual product size and turn on the Ship Product Individually flag on product page.)

16. Dimensions Length(Optional): Insert your Box Length here.

17. Dimensions Width(Optional): Insert your Box Width here.

18. Dimensions Height(Optional): Insert your Box Height here.

19. Max Box Weight (Optional): Specifies the maximum box size. Once the maximum weight is met, the system will calculate shipping for 2(or more) boxes.

20. Tax Class: Choose your Tax Class.

21. Location: Choose your Zone.

Notes: You can use additional fee or additional weight or you can use both if desired.

22. Additional Fee Type: Choose the type that you want to use for the additional Fee. Fixed amount or Rate Percentage based.

23. Additional Fee: Insert your desired Additional Fee value that you want to charge to your customer.
    e.g. The rate is $5.00, your fixed additional fee is $3.00, the rate shown to customer is $8. Or if you're using the percentage instead of fixed rate, and it is 10% from the rate, the rate will be $5.5. To use either fixed or percentage based additional fee, just enter the digits without the % or currency symbol.

24. Additional Weight: Insert your desired Additional weight that you want to charge to your customer.
    e.g. The weight is 0.26lb, your additional weight is 0.50, the weight will be 0.76lb and not shown to customer

25. Declared Value: Do you want to Declare Package Value? Yes(On) or No(Off)

26. Declared Value Nominal: Enter the minimum nominal that will be used to enable the Declared Value. (If you leave it blank, it will use USD $100 by default)

27. Estimate Message: Insert your desired text to be shown to customers to inform them that rate on cart page was using residential address based rate and not actual, the actual rate will be shown on checkout page based on their address.

   Finally Click the Save button and Turn On the extension.

Once again, thank you for purchasing FedEx Integration Extension.
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