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AddThis® Integration for AbanteCart eCommerce

AddThis® Extension from us to help you add to your product reach.  Makes it easy to use an AddThis® free or pro account and place share links on every product page in your AbanteCart.  We do the blocks for you.  Now how easy is that!

See where we've added it to our pages in this cart.

AbanteCart v1.3.3 use AddThis Integration v1.3.3. Tested up to PHP 8.1.
AbanteCart v1.3.2 use AddThis Integration v1.3.2.11. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.3.1 use AddThis Integration v1.3.1.11. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.3.0 use AddThis Integration v1.3.0.11. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.2.16 use AddThis Integration v1.2.16.11. Tested up to PHP 7.4.
AbanteCart v1.2.0 – v1.2.15 use AddThis Integration v1.2.15.11.

Look at our Manual for complete instructions or read the short version below:

Change Log: always available in the Manual.

Support is provided directly by WHY2 via your support account. Click here to log in

How to use on your website after installing the AddThis® extension:
1. Go to AddThis® website.

2. Signup as new user if you don't have AddThis® account or log in if you are an existing user.

3. Click Dashboard then Tools and go to Share Tools section.

4. Select the button: Select the widget type you want to use.

5. Click Setup or Get Code, You will prompted up a dialog to setup your desired presentation and code.
     5.1. Look for instructions that tell you to "Add the following code to the of your website.", copy and paste it here.
     5.2. Look for instructions that tell you to "Paste this code into whichever page you would like this tool to show up.", copy and paste it here.

6. Click Activate to show the widget on your website.

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