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Banner Statistic Manager for AbanteCart eCommerce 

Banner Statistic Manager allows for individual banner statistics to be viewed in detail over a specified date range. The results can be exported for further analysis and off-server storage. Additionally, database maintenance can be done by individual banner and date range.

The database table for banner views becomes excessively large if not maintained. We have seen tables with millions of entries spanning multiple years. The size of the table should be managed for smoother operation of your site and good management of your space requirements.

AbanteCart v1.3.4 use Banner Statistic Manager v1.3.4. Tested up to PHP 8.1.
AbanteCart v1.3.3 use Banner Statistic Manager v1.3.3. Tested up to PHP 8.1.
AbanteCart v1.3.2 use Banner Statistic Manager v1.3.2.11. Tested up to PHP 8.0.

Look at our Manual for complete instructions or read the short version below
Change Log:  always available in the Manual.

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