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Area Calculator for AbanteCart eCommerce 

Area Calculator allows a two-dimension input for calculating the area to be used to order products that need special calculation such as banners, signs, customer area carpets, counter tops, etc. It allows multiple unit inputs such as feet/inches, yards/feet, meters/cm, etc. and handles decimal input also.

AbanteCart v1.3.2 use Area calculator v1.3.2. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.3.1 use Area calculator v1.3.1. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.3.0 use Area calculator v1.3.0. Tested up to PHP 8.0.
AbanteCart v1.2.16 use Area calculator v1.2.16. Tested up to PHP 7.4.
AbanteCart v1.2.15 use Area calculator v1.2.15.

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